Saturday, 27 February 2010

What're Ya Buyin'?


I started Resident Evil 4 the other day. PS2 version. I've only ever completed Resi 4 once when it was released and that was the Gamecube version. I have no idea why I never played it again after that, I think I was just shocked at the gameplay change from the classic Resi style.

Since I've only completed it once, 5 years ago; I can't actually remember much about the game, so it's like playing it for the first time again. Win, win. AND there's extra stuff at the end for when I complete it (costumes and new missions. I've always wanted to put Leon back in his lovely RPD outfit :3).

Playing this game has made me remember why I love Leon so much. After watching Resident Evil: Degeneration a few times, I began to wonder why I'd ever liked him. Leon seems so cold in that film and without a sense of humour and his face just doesn't look right either. :< Claire on the other hand looks LOVELY (and is lovely. After playing through CV, I've completely fallen in love with her <3). So why couldn't Leon be the same?


So far, this has been the best ending song to anime that I've seen:

I might actually have to learn that dance, and look like a total fag for doing it. But, hey who cares, the song is damn catchy. I even dreamt about it, it's gotta be the first time I've ever had a song in my dream. ^^


Ordered Resident Evil: City of the Dead the other day from Amazon and it arrived today! I'm really excited about reading it. Resident Evil 2 is my favourite game of all time and the reviews given to the book have all been really good. Aweeesome!

Also, just ordered Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy so I can read that after. Probably going to read them in the order which I like each game most ^^ So Resi 2 first, then Resi 1 and probably either CV or 3 after that. :3

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