Sunday, 18 April 2010

What IS this place?

So, it's getting closer to the release of Super Street Fighter IV and I'm really excited! I pre-ordered my copy at Gamestation a little while back because I love Gamestation <3 So, looks like Imma be getting me a free Guile t-shirt (which won't fit D:). I was originally going to pre-order at ASDA since they were supposed to be offering a Ken t-shirt with pre-orders, but they didn't know what I was on about when I spoke to them so whatever.

I've also recently been loaned a bunch of games from the lovely, lovely boyfriend <3 which is awesome. Two of which are Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. I completed the first one the other day and really enjoyed it. Played through the entire game as my lovely, overpowered Deadpool which was so fun. I love Deadpool. :3

Started the second one last night and it's SO much better. OMGOMG loving it. I can't wait to get Deadpool back on the team along with Venom (both of which I have to unlock D:). No worries though, I'll manage for a while.

Also got House of the Dead 2 & 3 (HotD2 = best on-rail shooter ever in the history of ever. I love it <3). Something that bugs me about Wii on-rail shooters though, why is there never an actual reload button? It's annoying and really costs me having to shift the Wiimote off the screen when my target's in the centre of it. Would've beaten Emperor otherwise. :<

I OWNED at the Dreamcast version. Why? Because that had a bloody reload button. So I'd sit there hammering A and B or RT and B or whatever button combination it was simultaneously and wouldn't even get a scratch. Awesome. Never did own a Dreamcast lightgun though. Shame.

Lul at the above screenshot. Typing of the Dead is an equally awesome game. :p

Let's see. progress report. I've stopped playing Ninja Gaiden 2 for the time being (they have fluffing guns now WTF?!). I'll pick it back up at some point. Good game. Still playing Resident Evil 4, if I remember correctly Ashley's just been kidnapped (again) and I'm near the bit I'm dreading. The part with those horrible creatures that need a special scope to be killed *shudders* Ada hasn't turned up yet nor has Krauser. Hmm.

Bought Soul Calibur 2 last week and OMG SO GOOD. I love it! Although the Weapon Master mode is a pain in the ass (but good fun). 'tis hard :< I unlocked Sophitia though and I'm really happy about that. She's great to play as! (and not annoying like Cassandra).

Started Gears of War for the second time, bloody love that game. <3 I'm even sad enough to wear my Cogtags while I play it. :p Pretty hyped about Gears 3 (also means more merch, squeeee. There was a really lovely hoodie and a few nice t-shirts that I couldn't get first time around :<)

Really want to start Resident Evil (original PS version). Been reading the book (Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy) and it's REALLY, REALLY good. I'm really enjoying that. It describes the first game so well and brings out the personality of the characters. I was never much of a fan of Barry, but reading the book has made me feel so sorry for him and hate Wesker that little bit more. nya. <3

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