Monday, 24 May 2010


Super Street Fighter IV. Bought it on release day and got a free, mega huge t-shirt from Gamestation since I'd pre-ordered with them. OMFG, Godlike game is godlike. Not only does the game come with an additional 10 characters, all of them are unlocked too!

I'm loving the new online play system. The ability to set up lobbies to play Team Battles and the Endless Battle system against friends is fantastic. Not only that, but the Ranked Matches are the same set-up as the SFIV which is just so perfect. If Dead or Alive 4 was set-up like that, I'd play it so much more often (I hated having to join a lobby and wait for ages to get a go at battering the SSS rank).

Decided on using Ibuki as my new main; she has so many moves it's unbelievable. I was never much of a fan of hers during Street Fighter 3, but it looks like I'll be able to play her now when I go back to that game. :3 I'm also really liking Abel too and his sexy, sexy new ultra. But other than that, the new characters are really fun to play as.


Speaking of Street Fighter, I was picked on Capcom Unity to write a blog post on Street Fighter II and why I thought that it deserved to be Capcom's retro idol. I think it turned out pretty well. Blog post here:

Let's see. I started Lego Star Wars, that game is so full of win. LEGO R2! <333 Almost finished the original trilogy and then I have to go and complete the prequel trilogy. Star Wars is so great.

Also got me the latest issue of Wolverine & Deadpool. NOTHING can beat symbiote Deadpools. My god. I REALLY need to get that big, ultimate volume (18 issues D:) of Cable & Deadpool. Every comic I've read so far from it has been absolute and pure, unfiltered win.

I also need to have another play through of Resident Evil: Code Veronica. The story and gameplay is just so epic (and Claire is so lovely <3). I just end up playing the Darkside Chronicles version, which is also so much win.

Only a couple more weeks at school left and 2 more exams to go. Hopefully Gamestation will ring me up soon and offer me a job. *sigh*

And I can't help but watch this video every once in a while because it's so god damn awesome. Man, if Virtua Fighter really WAS like that, it'd be one AWESOME game. It's not just the movesets or the characters, it's the heavy hitting impacts that the moves make. That's the part I really like about it. I'm actually wondering if you can get that Ken outfit in the game. Not much of an Akira fan so I wouldn't know. It's kinda sad how it's better than the actual game though. lolololol. No, seriously though, I loved Virtua Fighter 5.

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