Monday, 28 June 2010


Both Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Castlevania: Harmony of Dispair are shaping up to be both completely awesome and yet so completely different. I'd say I'm more looking forward to Harmony of Dispair due to it's old style (well from Symphony onwards) look and the fact that some of my favourite characters are in it. I'm looking forward to playing as Alucard and Soma Cruz and here's hoping the unannounced character is Richter Belmont. Although, I can see it being either Simon or a completely new character instead.

I've never really been a fan of the 3D Castlevanias, they just played and felt too different from the 2D ones and the 2D Castlevanias were where the party's at. Although, I did enjoy Castlevania 64, but I was young and I enjoyed playing any game as a kid (so either my standards are now higher, or games really were better in that era. Ooor maybe that's just my nostalgia talking).

Is it bad that I know the whole beginning dialog to this and say it along with them? It's kinda like those people who've watched a film so many times they can say the lines along with the actors... yeah that is pretty bad then. :/

Writing this post has made me want to go do a speed run through Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I'll have to do that tonight. It's probably my most well known and played through game of all time. I'll see if I can do both a speedrun straight to the final boss (skipping all the unnecessary bits) and then a full 200.6% map completion. Posting results of course. I don't believe I've ever done a speed run before.

Anyway, enough of Castlevania. I received Tomb Raider: Saga of the Medusa Mask (graphic novel) in the post. Bought it for £2.75, free p&p. BARGIN! :D
I finished reading it through yesterday, it's a really good story arc, I love the Tomb Raider comics. It's just a shame the second series has been delayed when it was supposed to be out about 3/4 years ago. Also, only 4 graphic novels were made and they only went up to the comic #20. There were #50 comics altogether (not including one shots, crossovers, minis, etc), so I can either wait for the other graphic novels to come out (since the last one came out 7 years ago, it's unlikely unless the second series comes out), buy them all in individual comic books form (pricey, hard to locate them all and knowing me, I'd want a specific cover, so I'd have to wait until that one popped up) or I could get the Tomb Raider Compendium (would set me back around £150, but it contains all 50 comics so it seems like the best option).

I still need Merlin Stone or Mystic Artifacts (I have no idea why two graphic novels were created with the same comics contained in them. Who knows they could be different. Same happened to volume 3 aswell. Strange) which is volume 2. So, I'm slowly building up my comic book collection, it's not the greatest collection ever, due to me not having the money to expand it right now, but it's still a semi-decent size:

Most of my collection just seems to be the comic book adaptations of my favorite games. The Street Fighter comics are bloody amazing though.

And these are my comic books. Mainly Deadpool Team-up. I saw them in the comic book store one day and thought that they were a one off type thing. So I bought one. Then I kept finding more of them and bought them too, only to discover that they're coming out in graphic novel form anyway (should've guessed). I'd prefer to have them in graphic novel form but never mind. I didn't really like the Deadpool Team-up comics though, they weren't very good in my opinion. The Zapata Brothers one is pretty good as is the Ghost Riders one. U.S. ACE is decent and IT! The Living Colossus is bloody aweful. I've yet to actually read the Venom ones but they look pretty good.

No idea why I bought Wolverine & Deadpool, as they're just reprints of comics already released (Cable & Deadpool, Secret Invasion, etc). I'll be getting all the separate story arcs at some point anyway. The Marvel Heroes came free in a newspaper. Lol. Actually haven't read it yet either. The first half of it is a comic and the second half is games and puzzles for little children. What's not to love?!

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Well it was my birthday the other day and I got me a new phone. One with a decent camera, which makes I can take LOADS of pictures! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Anyway, I just wanted to continue with the last post I did and provide pictures of all the lovely things I bought at MCM. It was pretty dark when I took the pictures so they're not the best quality but nevermind.

To the left is the lovely little pink Chun-Li, in the middle is my new favourite action figure Kyo Kusanagi. He is SO pretty. <3 And on the right is the Chun-Wheee I picked up from Gamestation. Yum yum.

Here's Sun Shang Xiang's weapon from Dynasty Warriors 6. So adorable. In front of it are a few badges I picked up from the Koei stand last year. They're of Sun Jian, Sun Shang Xiang and Cao Cao. Also, behind the weapon is a little dog tag of Sun Shang Xiang.

These are the two artbooks I picked up from the Techmo-Koei booth. They for Dyansty Warriors 5 and 6.

And here is one of the pages from the Dynasty Warriors 5 book. Every character from the game has two pages like that. It's so beautiful. I bloody love Sun Shang Xiang. :3

Aaaaand, that's it.

So, let's see. I've realized I've got a massive Street Fighter obsession at the moment. It happens, I'm usually obsessed with at least one thing at a time. It keeps me going. :p

I end up playing Some Super Street Fighter IV at least once a night. I'm getting pretty good at it. I've gotten pretty decent at Chun-Li. I was also playing around with Sakura last night and was experimenting with Focus Attacks and Focus Cancels. Having the ability to do them really brings you on the right track to becoming a top tier player. I need to learn how to do some more combos though. Plus, I would love to compete in a high-end tournament, really would.

I've also started reading through the comic book series again. I love UDON's comics, their Street Fighter comics are fantastic and they portray the characters so well. I'm staill watching Street Fighter II V, some of it's getting a bit silly but it's still alright. Also watched The Ties That Bind (SFIV anime) again a little while ago. It's good stuff, Sakura and Ken are being adorable as usual.

Mmmmmm, Street Fighter. <3

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Ore no... KACHIDA!

So, I started Dead Space the other day. It's really good, I'm enjoying it. It reminds me of Resident Evil and a little bit of Tomb Raider at the same time. It's not really scary, it's more jumpy with horrible things running and jumping at you from several directions. You can't even blind fire shots into them either, the best way to kill them (without draining your ammo resources) is to shoot off their limbs, which I'll admit is kinda cool. I'm looking forward to Dead Space 2 now and the on-rail shooter. I bloody love on-rail shooters.

I've started watching Street Fighter II V which is absolutely fantastic. I'm almost enjoying it more than Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. Almost. It's just what Street Fighter is all about, Ryu and Ken (among others) travelling the world in search of a challenge. While there's a few things about it that annoy me, it's too entertaining for me to really care about (Ken is NOT a red head). And I got to see Ken's bum. That's always nice.

I went to the London MCM Expo last Saturday. It was pretty fun, met up with a few friends, hung out and bought some pretty things. Unfortunately, I didn't get to cosplay this time around, will make sure I do for the October one though. :3

Not got a camera available, so here's the best images I could find:

I picked the lovely Kyo Kusanagi up for £15. Seriously, those pictures do not do him any justice, he is GORGEOUS IRL. I really love him, he's my new favourite figurine. He's even got a removable flame attached to his hand. It's awesome.

I really couldn't believe it when I found him though. I spotted him tucked at the back behind the counter, otherwise I'm sure he would've sold straight away. The popular characters always go fast.


I also got an adorable Chun-Li for £8. (I swear there are no good pictures on the internets).

Box art

I got the pink varient of this Chun-Li. I don't think this version was ever released in blue. There's three pictures below her. The left one is the one I have (in pink), the middle one came in blue and the right one came in green. Same goes with Cammy. Good stuff.

This is my second Chun-Li figure now (WTF I don't even have a Ken or a Sakura yet?! D:), the other one was the new NECA ones and I picked that up in Gamestation for about £3. £3?!?!?!?!?! They were selling them at MCM for £20 (they usually go for around £10 though), bargin or what!

She's pretty scary but she's cute at the same time, so it's all good.

I also stopped by the Tecmo-Koei booth (and they ALWAYS sell their shit mega cheap) and picked up Sun Shang Xiang's Dynasty Warriors 6 weapon (the bow and arrow) and two character profile, Japanese art books (one was Dynasty Warriors 5 and the other Dynasty Warriors 6). The books were £5 and £7 respectively which was absolutely amazing. They were really pretty, hardbacked, A4, Japanese and had two pages for each character in the game (one page rendered models and character info, the other was a full page character art. Really pretty stuff), vehicle models, maps and tactics. So amazed at the price. If it were anywhere but Koei, they'd be about £30 each.

Second row, third one. Imma really have to find a camera to take pictures. The little weapon cost about £6/£7 If I remember right.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's all the shit I bought. Really wished I could've dressed up though, but alas. I'm surprised I didn't have a go on any of the games. WTF. Ended up just hanging around with people. I really wanted to try the new Samurai Shodown though. :<

Ah well, excited about the next one. Gonna get me a sewing machine! :D