Thursday, 24 June 2010


Well it was my birthday the other day and I got me a new phone. One with a decent camera, which makes I can take LOADS of pictures! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Anyway, I just wanted to continue with the last post I did and provide pictures of all the lovely things I bought at MCM. It was pretty dark when I took the pictures so they're not the best quality but nevermind.

To the left is the lovely little pink Chun-Li, in the middle is my new favourite action figure Kyo Kusanagi. He is SO pretty. <3 And on the right is the Chun-Wheee I picked up from Gamestation. Yum yum.

Here's Sun Shang Xiang's weapon from Dynasty Warriors 6. So adorable. In front of it are a few badges I picked up from the Koei stand last year. They're of Sun Jian, Sun Shang Xiang and Cao Cao. Also, behind the weapon is a little dog tag of Sun Shang Xiang.

These are the two artbooks I picked up from the Techmo-Koei booth. They for Dyansty Warriors 5 and 6.

And here is one of the pages from the Dynasty Warriors 5 book. Every character from the game has two pages like that. It's so beautiful. I bloody love Sun Shang Xiang. :3

Aaaaand, that's it.

So, let's see. I've realized I've got a massive Street Fighter obsession at the moment. It happens, I'm usually obsessed with at least one thing at a time. It keeps me going. :p

I end up playing Some Super Street Fighter IV at least once a night. I'm getting pretty good at it. I've gotten pretty decent at Chun-Li. I was also playing around with Sakura last night and was experimenting with Focus Attacks and Focus Cancels. Having the ability to do them really brings you on the right track to becoming a top tier player. I need to learn how to do some more combos though. Plus, I would love to compete in a high-end tournament, really would.

I've also started reading through the comic book series again. I love UDON's comics, their Street Fighter comics are fantastic and they portray the characters so well. I'm staill watching Street Fighter II V, some of it's getting a bit silly but it's still alright. Also watched The Ties That Bind (SFIV anime) again a little while ago. It's good stuff, Sakura and Ken are being adorable as usual.

Mmmmmm, Street Fighter. <3

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