Sunday, 31 July 2011

I Wanna Be The Very Best!

Got these Ash caps in at TokyoToys (available here). So awesome!

I've found my dream Xbox and if it weren't for that hefty price tag, I'd totally buy one. IT MAKES R2-D2 BEEPY NOISES WHEN YOU TURN IT ON OMMMMMG

I could do with a new Xbox, or at least, a new hard drive. I've filled my current one up with demos and arcade games I barely play and need more room for when Microsoft lowers the prices of some more arcarde games I probably won't play but plan to at some point in the distant future.

Speaking of which, I finally finished Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light after it sat there half complete for months. It's an ok game, nice puzzles, some good twin-stick shooting action. Nothing amazing though. I got a cute new avatar item for my troubles. It's supposed to be the same outfit the doppelganger wears in Tomb Raider Underworld. Well, it was until it got changed for some bizarre reason. I don't have any pictures to hand but the top used to look like a leotard type thing but now it's a crop top. I have no idea.

So, I went into Forbidden Planet last week and managed to pick up a copy (well, two copies. I'mma sucker for varients) of the new Duke Nukem comic book series; Duke Nukem: Glorious Bastard. I gave it, aswell as the little comic book that came with the Balls of Steel Edition, a read through and I have to say I am very impressed.

Duke's a total womanizer, spouting one liners and kicking ass and that is exactly why I love him. The comic book that came with the game is short and sweet. Duke kicks some robot shark ass, some pig cop ass and gets the babes. The usual. Glorious Bastard sees Duke going back in time to kick Nazi butt, the comic ends with him just using the time machine to go back. The rest of the comic was him scoring with his army of babes.

Well, I like it and I'm eagerly awaiting the next issue.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

New Stuff at TokyoToys

I've gotta admit; one of the favourite parts of my job is when the new stock arrives. Especially when it's new statues. A huge number of boxes arrived at the shop last Monday (I think it was Monday). I wish I'd taken a picture of them all, there had to be more than 50 of them. 50 boxes full of statues, action figures and manga books. Awesome.

I didn't take a great deal of pictures unboxing the products as the shop was busy and I had work to do. But here's a picture unboxing the new Little Busters nendoroid.

Cute! We also got these Yuki Revoltechs in. Which are pretty awesome. Unfortunately, our suppliers ran out of stock of the Haruhi bunny ver. Should have coming in next week from Japan though.

The gundams and statues run all the way along the plushie section.

Figmas and Nendos.

That Rachel statue has a huge box! She's quite a tall statue.

Restock of manga books. Also got in those new 3-in-1 collections.

Squeee! So cute! I'm gonna stick one of these onto my bag ^w^

It took us a few days but I'm glad we finally unboxed all of the boxes. That was hard work! ^_^'

Saturday, 23 July 2011

OMG New Street Fighter Figures

It seems Square Enix have announced a new set of Play Arts Kai figures and this time it's Street Fighter! I'm so super happy about this, it's been a while since some good Street Fighter figurines were released. Neca's figures were ok, not amazing. My Chun-Li has a bit of a scary face though.

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but these figures look very nicely detailed and ladies look pretty (the amount of female action figures I see with man faces. It's the reason I didn't pick up the Tomb Raider figures from Legend onwards *shivers*)

Both Cammy and Chun-Li look gorgeous, I will definitely be picking them up if they look this good when I see them in person. Considering Ryu too. Not a fan of Akuma. Here's hoping for a Ken figure too.


I'm not much of a Final Fantasy fan, but damn Lightning's new costume is looking good. I'm gonna have to pick up and play FFXIII at some point.

More pictures at: iam-cybergundam Blog

Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Infernal Temptress

My long awaited, adorable maid Nendoroid arrived today! Airi from Queen's Blade. YAY!

She even came wrapped in tissue paper. It's the first figure that I've ordered from Hobby Search which has been wrapped in tissue paper. It's nice, it's like opening a present ^w^

She is SO adorable! I can't wait to pose her and stick her on my shelf (which I still haven't put up yet since I'm too much of a wuss to use a drill :/). Look at that cute little scythe!

This lovely statue of Tsumugi should be arriving to TokyoToys next week:

Let's just hope my boss will save me one. She's gorgeous and so detailed. <3

In non-statue related news, Forza Motorsport 4 became available for pre-order recently. Got my pre-order down with (I've gotta vouch for them, their service is fanastic. I received both my pre-orders for Mortal Kombat Kollector's Edition and Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel Edition a day before release and in perfect condition. Got the pre-order code sent to me a few days in advance aswell).'s pre-order bonus just so happens to be the Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Yay! <3 That was the bonus car I wanted the most. So glad Game's got it! <3 <3 <3

And the cover looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm not really a BMW fan, but it's looks so lovely on the cover. The colours work so well and make the game look really... I can't even think of a good word for it. Futuristic? Desirable? I don't know. The game looks like it belongs on display in a showroom ^^ I just think that this cover is much nicer than the standard edition. Ferrari's are nice and all but the cover for that is just so bland and boring. I'm loving the limited edition cover. <3

Saturday, 2 July 2011

My Little Sister Can't Be A Nendoroid!

My Kirino nendoroid arrived the other day! She's so adorable! *squeeeee*

That middle pose is so adorable <3

I won't be taking her out of her box until I get my shelves (if I get these shelves, it's taking forever to get them T_T).

I've also got a little Airi (Queen's Blade) nendoroid on the way. For some reason I chose EMS shipping for Kirino and SAL for Airi. No idea why. I ended up paying £20 extra for Kirino because of this T_T Nevermind. At least she came quick, Airi will take a few weeks to arrive. :<