Sunday, 24 July 2011

New Stuff at TokyoToys

I've gotta admit; one of the favourite parts of my job is when the new stock arrives. Especially when it's new statues. A huge number of boxes arrived at the shop last Monday (I think it was Monday). I wish I'd taken a picture of them all, there had to be more than 50 of them. 50 boxes full of statues, action figures and manga books. Awesome.

I didn't take a great deal of pictures unboxing the products as the shop was busy and I had work to do. But here's a picture unboxing the new Little Busters nendoroid.

Cute! We also got these Yuki Revoltechs in. Which are pretty awesome. Unfortunately, our suppliers ran out of stock of the Haruhi bunny ver. Should have coming in next week from Japan though.

The gundams and statues run all the way along the plushie section.

Figmas and Nendos.

That Rachel statue has a huge box! She's quite a tall statue.

Restock of manga books. Also got in those new 3-in-1 collections.

Squeee! So cute! I'm gonna stick one of these onto my bag ^w^

It took us a few days but I'm glad we finally unboxed all of the boxes. That was hard work! ^_^'

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