Saturday, 23 July 2011

OMG New Street Fighter Figures

It seems Square Enix have announced a new set of Play Arts Kai figures and this time it's Street Fighter! I'm so super happy about this, it's been a while since some good Street Fighter figurines were released. Neca's figures were ok, not amazing. My Chun-Li has a bit of a scary face though.

It's hard to tell from the pictures, but these figures look very nicely detailed and ladies look pretty (the amount of female action figures I see with man faces. It's the reason I didn't pick up the Tomb Raider figures from Legend onwards *shivers*)

Both Cammy and Chun-Li look gorgeous, I will definitely be picking them up if they look this good when I see them in person. Considering Ryu too. Not a fan of Akuma. Here's hoping for a Ken figure too.


I'm not much of a Final Fantasy fan, but damn Lightning's new costume is looking good. I'm gonna have to pick up and play FFXIII at some point.

More pictures at: iam-cybergundam Blog

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