Sunday, 14 August 2011

Additions to my Resident Evil Collection

Latest loots; because I like to buy things.

Recently acquired Palisades Claire Redfield and Alexia Ashford. I've always loved Palisades action figures; they've always been my favorite. It's such a shame they shut down and stopped making figures. So now I have two more lovely additions to my Resident Evil figure collection which makes five Palisades figures altogether. I intend on collecting the entire set (excluding the varients, I'm not too bothered about them. Which means I need seven more) as well as a few more of the Toy Biz ones (most likely just Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine).

So here she is in her mutated form and she looks SO much more badass! I was actually planning on keeping her in her standard form but she looks so dull when standing next to my other boss characters. In this form she fits in really well. The only downside is that the base she comes with doesn't support her mutated form so I'm having to lean her against my games for the time being until I can find a better alternative. Probably end up getting her a doll stand or something to keep her upright and in line with Nemi and the others.

Actually, she doesn't look too bad to be honest.

The Moby Dick figures look quite nice too but I'd rather not get into collecting the same characters from too many companies. The only figure I'd really love from that series is the Rebecca Chambers figure but she's so hard to come by and goes for rediculous prices on eBay. One day, maybe.

There's also these two gorgeous resin statues of Claire and Jill by Palisades. But they are so rare and also go for so much whenever they crop up on eBay.

And then there's Hot Toys. The three figures that would round off my Resident Evil figure collection.

I remember when the Hot Toys Leon was released. I wanted him SO badly but I didn't have the money at the time so I had to give him a pass. I doubt I'm ever going to get the RPD version now.

I'm glad I have a goal and end in sight to my Resident Evil figure collecting. I never want my display to look to cluttered with loads of figurine stacked on top of each other. It just looks messy. Although, my Resident Evil shelves are started to look a bit crammed. :/ It's still going to take me a damn long time to acquire all of the figures I want to get.

Onto more stuff!

I am now the proud owner of the cutest plushie ever made in existance. I swear. I don't even play Final Fantasy but I just could not resist the adorableness of this plush! *squeeeee!!!* So cute! The only problem is that he looks so fragile I'm scared to cuddle him in case he might break. That bobble on his head isn't too sturdy. So, he can happily sit by my side whilst I waste time on the internets. As usual.

A new boobie mousemat so my Yoko one doesn't get too dirty (I love that one so much) and a couple of K-On! notebooks for when I finally pick learning Japanese back up.

I would write some more but it's almost midnight so I think I'll just round it off here. Should be expecting two more figures to be arriving next week, one of which I am so mega excited about. ^w^


  1. Nosferatu says: It is truly amazing the collection of action figures you have, not counting the money you have invested in it. I'm glad to see is your blog and marvel at the pictures you post, I hope to visit this blog oftener. Greetings from Mexico.