Sunday, 25 September 2011

Customs Everywhere

So I randomly came across this custom figure of Ulala whilst browing. It's so well made and beautifully done. I wish Max Factory would release one exactly like this. It's a shame the first Space Channel 5 game isn't out on Xbox Live. Space Channel 5 is one of those games I've always wanted but never gotten, I suppose I could pick it up off eBay for the Dreamcast but that would mean having to lug the Dreamcast out everytime I wanted to play it. It's just a shame they didn't re-release both Space Channel 5 and Space Channel 5: Part 2 onto XBL as a set.

And now I shall post a few examples of some great custom figurines.


So I've been playing through the first couple hours of Dead Island and I'm loving it so far. I love the open world feel to it and the map seems pretty big. I absolutely love exploring (however, I haven't done much of this due to being too scared of the hordes of zombies ^^). The combat takes a little white to get used to but once you do, it's great. I also love way you can create weapons and the driveable cars are great for mowing down zombies. I just hope they don't break down after mowing down zombies like the cars in Dead Rising. That really sucks.

So good it looks official!

I also had the chance to play on a Nintendo 3DS recently. I purchased Dead or Alive: Dimensions and I have to say; it has got to be the best fighting game I have ever played on a handheld. The story mode is good, the costumes are pretty good (I just wish there were more. As always), the online is pretty laggy but the fighting itself is fantastic. Unlike most other 2D fighting games where the special moves almost always have to be executed with quarter-circles, half-circles, zig-zag motions, charges and all this other thumb-numbing annoying shit that is damn annoying to pull off on the pathetic handheld analog sticks and d-pads, all this game requires is tapping or holding buttons on the d-pad which make it a dream to play.

Why are there no sexy official Regina figures like this one?! All of my want.

Also, I got Pokemon HeartGold. Fuck yeah, nostalgia! I don't remember that little red-haired emo twat (Gold's rival) being in the original version though. Maybe he was and I just can't remember.

Green bunny Miku! So cute!

Anime-wise: I've just finished watching the entire Soul Society arc (first 60 episodes) in Bleach and all I have to say is OMGWTFEPIC. I never figured I'd be a Bleach fan but as always I figured if it's this damn popular it must be pretty good so I decided to give it a try and I am SO glad I did. I love the fight scenes and all the drama and conflict between the characters. I'm going to try my best to skip all the filler arcs so I'm starting on the Arrancar arc now (starting episode 110). Can't wait to see the fights between Grimmjow and Ichigo and for Gin to make a reappearance! ^w^

I absolutely love this!

I'm so excited to hear that Max Factory will be producing an official figma of Samus Aran (based on her Metroid: Other M costume) next year! Although I prefer her Prime armour more (like the custom figure in the picture above), the figma looks awesome! I've always wanted a Samus figure but they're so hard and expensive to get hold of. Looks like I'll finally get my hands on one ^_^

Figma Samus = So much win!!

This Jill's niiiiice! I'm surprised Palisades didn't make a Jill Valentine figure which is a shame as I bet it would've looked pretty good. They did a good job on Claire at least so I figure a Jill one would've looked nice too.

WHY are there no Silent Hill figures?! There's like a billion of Resident Evil but none of Silent Hill. Not even NECA has made one of Pyramid Head. Just OMGWTF

I've also been watching through Highschool of the Dead and Fate/Stay Night. I'm enjoying both of them. HOTD suddendly went all over-the-top-fanservice-y on me when I got to the sixth episode. Jiggly breasts and panty shots everywhere. It's still decent though. F/SN is pretty good. I love Rin, she's so cute ^w^

*SQUEE!* Space Channel 5 Miku! How adorable! Why has this not been made official yet?!

I adore this one. I'm not too sure what it is but the way the hair is sculpted is so gorgeous and the little flowers are a lovely touch. So kawaii desu neeee! <3

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