Saturday, 10 September 2011

Just Another Day At TokyoToys

Just a collection of random images from TokyoToys that I had on my phone.

The text on the plastic window is backwards. Seems like they stuck the sheet on backwards when making the box. lololol.

Pretty, pretty Revoltechs all in a line. I love organising statues and figures. ^w^
Plus, there was no damn space left in the shop so it was the best way to display them. I may have to start doing this with the Figmas and Nendoroids at this rate. The shop is too small to display all these figures. T_T

The new cosplay costumes rack! This one is so much more easier to maintain than the old one (which was basically just piles of costumes stuffed into a few small spaces). It also means I don't have to spend ages counting all the costumes (because with the old system, it was so hard to see how many costumes of each size we had), awesome.

A customer asked that I draw a wizard on their package, so I (quite badly) drew Coco dressed as a wizard. >w< I've also been asked to draw a pirate cat before, probably by the same person. Such funny requests, it made me smile having to draw it out. ^^

If you don't see it; that's a Sephiroth figure but the label says "Tina Branford (Terra Branford)". lolololol. Just wow.

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