Sunday, 4 September 2011

Shiranui Mai! Mairimasu!

A wild box appears!

Whatever could be inside?

Let's open it up and see...

OMG who is that?!

It's Mai Shiranui of course! My second most wanted figure ever!

Here she is with some other recent King of Fighters goodies. Queen's Gate artbook/trading card game book and Weiss Schwarz cards.

King of Fighters XII Weiss Schwarz trading cards. They have a little Mai on the back. So cute! Sadly, there was not a Mai card inside. :<

Here she is in all of her glory. Unfortunately, I still don't have the space for her so I just took her out to have a quick inspection. Overall verdict: I LOVE HER! As my only 1/6 scale figure, look at how she towers over my tiny, little 1/8 scale K-on! figures! I absolutely LOVE the size of her. 1/6 is the perfect scale in my opinion. It's a shame most figures made now are 1/8 scale.

I also recently received a Miku Hatsune figure and was quite disappointed at her size after receiving Mai. But never mind.

She's got a really cute face!

That top can barely contain her!

Some more boobage.

But one thing that I was really disappointed with was the huge seam line she has running down her leg. It looks terrible, much worse in person. I don't know what I should do about it, if there's even anything I can do about it. I've thought about sanding it down but that'll most likely remove the paint and I'd really like to avoid repainting her as I'd most likely ruin her. Hopefully I'll find a solution. I'd hate to display her in this condition as it makes her look like a cheap knockoff (which I'm certain, and hoping, she isn't).

Other problems include the back part not fitting together correctly. It's not too much of a problem as it doesn't really affect the figure. The top part isn't loose or anything and since it's the back I won't be able to see it anyway.

A big seam line across the thumb.

And seam lines across the two balls.

But dispite her problems, she's still an absolutely gorgeous figure and I'm so glad that I've finally got her. I'm gutted that the seam line on her leg is so noticeable but I'm sure she'll still look amazing when displayed high up on a shelf. I probably won't even be able to see it from that distance.

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  1. Hey I have this figure too (ABSOLUTELY GORGEUS) but a thing I noticed after reading your post and seeing your images of her, when you said that about that seam line on her leg, I checked mine and....IT WAS NOT THERE! I have her in front of my eyes right now and one could say a microscope is needed to actually notice something "weird" on her leg.