Saturday, 26 November 2011

Resident Evil Figure Prototypes

I never find any bargins on eBay. Mainly just common figures with ridiculous price tags and rare figures with even more ridiculous price tags. So, I was searching for Resident Evil action figures as I usually do and I come across this:

This is the prototype model for the Palisades Jill Valentine resin that came out years ago.

I'm pretty sure this has been on eBay for a while now, I've just never really thought to mention it. It's an absolutely gorgeous figure and it's such a shame that it's just a prototype.

The prototype is on the left and the mass produced version on the right. Just look at the difference! The face on the prototype is stunning! As well as her skintone and the overall paint job. To be fair, the released version is an ok figure but compared to this it just looks awful. It's just such a shame so many changes were made, the prototype really does look like Jill.

Also, that price tag. I know she's probably the only one in existance but £1,420.82? Dayam.

Here we have Leon, not bad. Not amazing either.

I really don't like this one, it's ugly as hell and has a weird pose. According to the listing, this was a scrapped first sculpt of the Palisades Series 2 Claire Redfield. I'm glad it was scapped, I prefer the final release.

Now this would've been cool. Two resin figures were to be released (one of Claire and one of Leon) and when put together would have recreated this scene. Claire was made but unfortunately Leon wasn't T_T (though, these might also have been prototypes for action figures instead. I'm not sure I'm just guessing here).

However, I'm glad Claire didn't end up looking like his. I don't know what was up with that face sculpt but it just looks terrible. According to the listing, Palisades originally wanted to release the Claire statue in this varient, without her jacket, but Capcom weren't having any of it and rejected the idea.

Personally, I like her jacket, as sexy as she is without it. :p

Oh, and there was also this little gem:

A Barry Burton action figure. Because one didn't exist, some guy made his own and now it could be yours for just £2,200!! What a bargin!

I bet you some insane collector will buy this and then some company like Hot Toys will release a Barry Burton figure. Just you wait.

Blurry photos ftw! The pictures are so bad it's hard to tell how bad this figure actually is. Or if it's even good. I like the hair and beard though.

The S.T.A.R.S. badge is pretty cool too.

Sure, I'll happily give you more money than you're asking for. I mean, this is an absolute bargin!

And the questions are the best part, especially that bottom one.

I can understand some custom figures going for a lot of money but generally I don't see modified Action Man/Ken dolls going above £100. I just find this figure somewhat creepy, the blurry dark pictures with the black eyes do not help in the slightest.

Oh and also, I wanted to link this:

Good Smile Company have posted a few tips on how to recognise the increasing amount of bootleg figures in circulation.

Bootleg Warning

Remember: be careful what figures you buy at conventions and on eBay as they're the most likely places to find them. If the price is too good to be true then it's probably a fake. ^_^

Sunday, 20 November 2011

It's Been a While (Gomenasai!)

Whelp, let's start off with a loot shot.

Black Rock Shooter Strength Nendoroid I picked up from TokyoToys (I haven't actually seen BRS yet, but Strength was just so adorable I had to get her ^_^).

Super Sonico mousepad. I absolutely adore this one, it's my new favourite mousepad! The detail on it is so crisp and Sonico looks so cute (despite being dressed up in such a naughty little outfit! But that's what makes her all the cuter)!

I <3 Hentai badge I picked up at expo. I couldn't resist, it was too hilarious, I had to get it.

Orihime hairclips for my Bleach Orihime cosplay (which sadly, I have no pictures of T_T)

And ToyBiz Resident Evil figures my dear friend gave to me ^_^ I've been after Claire for SO long (but now I also have two leon's :/)

Expo was fun. I was on the costume booth again but next year I'll hopefully be selling all the pretty statues <3<3<3 Not that there's anything wrong with the costumes booth, swinging around sword umbrellas sure is fun but I DO adore my figures.

TokyoToys won the Neo Award for the 5th year running (yay!). This time, for "Best Retailer"! <(^^<)<(^^)>(>^^)>

I managed to get a look around but sadly I didn't really find anything of interest, just the Hentai button and the new Jazwares Sub Zero figure for my brother. The saddest thing was the sheer amount of bootlegs on offer. I'm taking about the dodgy replicas of existing items kind.

It's mainly the expensive PVC statues that get the bootleg treatment, so many fake Nendoroid Mikus, Yokos, Mios, Max Factory Mai Shiranai (the one I have, I'm hoping mine isn't a fake. It's hard to say as she's an old figure but she looks legit. The only bootleg versions of her that I've seen have been horrendous), Good Smile Mikus. You know, the rare & popular ones, all with a cheap >£50 price.

So, as much as I'd liked to have come home with a nice rare figure I'd been after for centuries; the only stalls with the legit figures had the exact same ones we had: the new ones. Nevermind.

Oooh, one last thing before I end this long-awaited post: there was a man who took a picture of me and the girl next to me running the costume stall and this year he came again and gave us the pictures he took of us. Which was really kinda sweet of him. ^W^

He'd photoshopped the picture on the left to make it look like we were just cosplayers standing in front of a board. Haha, I liked that. I thought it was clever. ^_^