Sunday, 20 November 2011

It's Been a While (Gomenasai!)

Whelp, let's start off with a loot shot.

Black Rock Shooter Strength Nendoroid I picked up from TokyoToys (I haven't actually seen BRS yet, but Strength was just so adorable I had to get her ^_^).

Super Sonico mousepad. I absolutely adore this one, it's my new favourite mousepad! The detail on it is so crisp and Sonico looks so cute (despite being dressed up in such a naughty little outfit! But that's what makes her all the cuter)!

I <3 Hentai badge I picked up at expo. I couldn't resist, it was too hilarious, I had to get it.

Orihime hairclips for my Bleach Orihime cosplay (which sadly, I have no pictures of T_T)

And ToyBiz Resident Evil figures my dear friend gave to me ^_^ I've been after Claire for SO long (but now I also have two leon's :/)

Expo was fun. I was on the costume booth again but next year I'll hopefully be selling all the pretty statues <3<3<3 Not that there's anything wrong with the costumes booth, swinging around sword umbrellas sure is fun but I DO adore my figures.

TokyoToys won the Neo Award for the 5th year running (yay!). This time, for "Best Retailer"! <(^^<)<(^^)>(>^^)>

I managed to get a look around but sadly I didn't really find anything of interest, just the Hentai button and the new Jazwares Sub Zero figure for my brother. The saddest thing was the sheer amount of bootlegs on offer. I'm taking about the dodgy replicas of existing items kind.

It's mainly the expensive PVC statues that get the bootleg treatment, so many fake Nendoroid Mikus, Yokos, Mios, Max Factory Mai Shiranai (the one I have, I'm hoping mine isn't a fake. It's hard to say as she's an old figure but she looks legit. The only bootleg versions of her that I've seen have been horrendous), Good Smile Mikus. You know, the rare & popular ones, all with a cheap >£50 price.

So, as much as I'd liked to have come home with a nice rare figure I'd been after for centuries; the only stalls with the legit figures had the exact same ones we had: the new ones. Nevermind.

Oooh, one last thing before I end this long-awaited post: there was a man who took a picture of me and the girl next to me running the costume stall and this year he came again and gave us the pictures he took of us. Which was really kinda sweet of him. ^W^

He'd photoshopped the picture on the left to make it look like we were just cosplayers standing in front of a board. Haha, I liked that. I thought it was clever. ^_^


  1. I bought the STRENGTH Nendoroid too. Has your one's neck snapped off? I can't believe you guys sell such counterfeit shit.

    1. Shame about the neck snapping on yours but she's 100% legit.

      Shit like this happens with such delicate figures unfortunately.