Saturday, 17 March 2012

CDJapan Loot - ArConomi Brand

I received my order from CDJapan which I was hoping would arrive before HyperJapan (as I was planning on wearing this to it) but it came a few days after. >.<


I really love the school girl fashion worn in Japan, Kogal, I believe it's called.

All these items are made by clothing brand ArConomi and ordered from CDJapan. I had a good experience with them; they offered loads of different shipping options (rather than the standard SAL and EMS), offered to mark the item as a gift (yay for no customs fees ^_^) and it came quickly and really well packaged.

I'd ordered the Grey Wool & Acrylic Cardigan (the comfiest cardigan I have ever worn. OMG *_*), Navy x Blue School Skirt (I'd hoped it'd be shorter. The girls advertising the products always have short skirts but this comes up to my knees. I'm not exactly short so I'm wondering if they just roll them up or modify them. Still, it's a lovely skirt and VERY good quality), School Ribbon and School Necktie (so cute!!).

ArConomi brand Original Loafers. They're so stiff and tight at the moment and a little bit painful to walk in so I hope they loosen up a bit. When I wear them, they make my feet look so small and cute, I love them!

(I should've cleaned them a bit before taking the picture but I didn't notice that until just now OTL)

KAWAII DESU EYELASHES! Now all I need is some circle lenses and I'm all set. >.<

Oh and the Queen visited Fortnum & Mason while I was walking through London. Just thought I'd share that.

I didn't get to see her though.

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