Saturday, 24 March 2012

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City loot!!

I pre-ordered this from Propel Gamer in the end as my GAME pre-order fell through. I was going to pre-order with Amazon but Propel Gamer had the best pre-order bonus on offer so I went with them instead.

Here we have my game (which arrived on the day, so I'm happy with the service provided by Propel Gamer), a pre-order t-shirt (despite it being far tolo big for me, I actually quite like it, especially the colour. I'll be using this as a work out/cool down shirt when I go for a run ^_^) and a pair of headphones (aswell as two DLC weapon packs).

Aren't these awesome? I won them in a competition. Sadly, I don't currently own a PS3 so I can't use them but I collect Resident Evil merchendise so I appreciate them none the less.

So cooool.

I spent about half a day on the game and it's actually not bad. Not amazing, but not bad. The game really could've benefitted from a flashlight (some rooms and areas are so dark you can't see a thing) and I seem to die alot (which can be pretty frustrating) but it is quite an enjoyable game.

It'd be nice if they included some more familiar areas from the older games (like exploring more of the RPD building, sewers and underground labs) but I haven't yet finished the game so maybe (hopefully) there will be more of that to come.

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  1. The headset seems a little small, i'm gonna try it tonight online, hope it will be ok!

    You won them? Capcom?
    You're lucky, i had to buy it -_-