Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Broken Figures T_T

I somehow managed to break 3 figures in one day. o.O

Yui already had a broken base from being knocked over once before but I totally forgot about this whilst cleaning her and she fell off and hit the floor; snapping her poor guitar in half. T_T

I have no idea how Azusa broke. I picked her up and her base was slightly wobbly, so I wobbled it and it snapped off! I honestly don't know how that could've happened. T__________T

And then I unboxed Kasumi and found her knife had snapped off due to not being packaged properly. It's a clean break so I could probably re-glue that without anyone being able to notice.

Boo Hoo. They need to be super glued.

She has such a cute face!

She's really nicely detailed for such an old figure. I wish companies still made 1/6 scale figures, they're such a perfect size.

My favourite shot of her. ^_^

And my Kaito arrived! Now I just need to get a Miku to go with him, I really regret not ordering Miku Support Ver. at the time. T_T

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