Sunday, 19 August 2012

Jade - Mortal Kombat - 10" Polystone Syco Collectibles Review

I finally received my Syco Collectibles Jade statue after being gutted about missing out on the pre-order for her. Luckily, a few people didn't pay up for their pre-orders so I managed to snag one! YAY! ^___^ 

This happens to be my first polystone figure. I've never been a fan of resin and polystone figures in the past as I've always thought the sculpt and paintjob wasn't up to the standard of the Japanese PVCs (such as the ones from the likes of Max Factory and Alter). But the moment I opened up her box, I was so amazed; she's gorgeous!


First things first; the box! The box is very large and not overly interesting. It's mainly black with pictures of Jade on three sides of the box.

The back features a short description of the figure and the character.

Certificate of Authenticity. Mine is number 61 out of 500. ^_^ 

She comes nice and secure in a big slab of polystyrene (luckily no breakages, which is what I was most worried about when ordering her. I've heard many horror stories about how fragile polystone figures can be ^_^;).

Jade comes in 5 parts. Main body, Hair piece, Base, Long Staff and Short Staff.

I absolutely love the base, it's detailed yet subtle enough not to upstage the figure. It measures at a whopping 11 inches, which I find both a bad thing (it can be hard to find a place to display it) and a good thing (it looks great and really enhances the overall appearence of the figure). The base features a single hole to insert the pin on Jade's foot.

The bottom of the base features the copyright logos, sculptor's signature and limited numbering. 

The pin that connects Jade to the base. 

Jade's hair comes in two parts; the ponytail is connected with a pin to the hole in the base of her hair.

The separate ponytail part of Jade's hair. 

All done! The connection seam line is barely visible. :3 

And just a few close up shots: 

Also included is what I think to be a version of her staff in it's shorter form.

Jade holding her shorter staff.

My main collection shelf. Planning on putting another shelf above it for 1/8 scale figures and having this shelf for 1/7 and 1/6 scale figures. So many boxed figures. >.<

And my loots in the recent two months ^w^


  1. Hiya, just read through your blog and really enjoyed your posts hope you keep on blogging :)

    Really love your figure collection.

  2. Very nice, well done.

  3. You're lucky to get the Jade statue. It's sold out at Syco and I don't think they're putting it in re-production beyong the 500 that were released. Bummer :/