Sunday, 16 September 2012

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Nendoroid Petits and Artbox Goodies!

SQUEEEE! *flaps arms* More goodies incoming

Today's loot is a hefty dose of epic cuteness after coming back from a shopping spree at TokyoToys and Artbox!

It was the first time I'd ever been to Artbox (and certainly not my last! Next time I'll take some pictures of the store, it's super, duper cute!) located just in Covent Garden (so near to TokyoToys >_<)!

Anyways, onto the loot!

I've really been looking forward to these; Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Nendroid Petits! Chibi Saber and Rin in adorable, little maid outfits! How cute! I bought 5 in total; Saber Maid, Rin Maid, Sakura Maid, Saber Alter and Yasagure Rin.

 Also, I'd just received the classic Saber petit from a MFC user from the USA. I've got a classic Rin in the post too! Yay!

Now I remember why I don't have many Nendo Petits... So fiddly to put together. I almost broke my Lucky Star ones trying to get the back pegs in T^T

Oh no, what's wrong with her fringe?! It turns out that Saber was in her original packaging so long that some of her armour had caused paint transfer onto her hair! I was pretty upset seeing this upon opening the package but I've heard that paint transfer is fixable so I'll buy some supplies to fit her up next week.

Also, her torso is super loose and wobbly and it was such a pain to get her into position but I finally managed it!

Paint transfer mainly on the front part of her hair.


 I love the ribbon on the back of her hair. So delicate and pretty. I need to try copying Saber's hair at some point. ^_^

 Pantsu shot! Rin's wearing stockings and suspenders!

 It seemed like Sakura's right leg was super glued on or something. I couldn't move or remove it at all, which is kind of annoying as one of her legs seems to be shorter than the other. :/

 Same with Saber Alter, but maybe that's the way with all petits. I guess it's to make them less fiddly and easier to pose.

 Such cuties!

 I'm not the biggest of Saber Alter fans but she was just that bit too adorable to pass up. Saber Maid was the one I was REALLY looking forward to. She's just SO ADORABLE! Look at that little, Tsundere face!

 I actually *squee'd* when I opened Rin's package, she's so well detailed for such a small figure! Good Smile Company are definitely improving with their quality of peitits.

I wasn't actually planning on getting Yasagure Rin but just felt I had to because;
 1. I love Rin
2. It's a secret nendo and
3. it's a pull-back car toy!

 Instructions to put Yasagure Rin together. Her cigarette was so hard to get into her mouth. T^T

 Cute things from Artbox!! A Hello Kitty folder (to store my books and stuff in when I'm travelling to work), a Rilakkuma pencil, Dice eraser, Lego Block eraser, pencil sharpner in the shape of a pencil and cute stickers! They gave me the postcards for free.

 可愛い!Everything has faces! I am going to stick these EVERYWHERE!

 An eraser in the shape of a dice! How cute!

 Pencil sharpner and Rilakkuma pencil! I love cute stationary!

 Lego block erasers! These are so cool that I don't even want to use them for fear of damaging them! >_<

 Available in four colours! :D

And cute new socks! I love long socks! Left is knee high and right is thigh high.

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