Sunday, 9 September 2012

Kanu Bunny and Other Kawaii Loots

My latest loots include the absolutely gorgeous 1/4 scale Kanu Bunny by FREEing, TokyoToys' lovable mascot, Coco Monkey in plushie form (squee!!), Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi Lightsaber Chopsticks (so cool!!) and black hair ribbons (which will be used for my Rin Tohsaka cosplay).


Kanu Bunny. Totally felt bad for buying her at first (she's expensive!) but I'm so in love with her now! Her bunny suit has a lovely, shiny-PVC-effect to it and the fishnets are real!

1/8 scale Asuza next to 1/4 scale Kanu for scale-size comparison. She's so big!

Cute little bunny tail. I love the ribbon on her arm too.

The suit is very nicely detailed and the seam on the back of the stockings is a great effect.

Such a pretty face.

And nice curves too!

The shiny shoes are cute!

Hair detail.

She looks great from all angles.

ALL of them.

 I'm hoping to get Ryomou too to go with her. Can't wait for Sonico Bunny!

I ordered an adorable, little sushi bracelet off a user on Etsy. This is the container it came in.


She even gave me these cute little earrings for free! :3

I expected it to be a little bigger but it's so adorable and cute! I love it!!

Totally craving some Shrimp Nigiri right now.

Thought I'd show off my cute panda bag I'd been using recently.

Although, I wished I would've bought a new one before the shop closed down, it's starting to break. T_T

And adorable new Pikachu keyring!! So CUUUUUUUUUTE!!

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