Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Eurogamer Expo 2012

 Went to Eurogamer Expo 2012 on the weekend with a few friends and it was awesome! Unfortunately, two of the games I was really looking forward to playing were already out (well, almost. Dead or Alive 5 had come out the day before the expo and Resident Evil 6 comes out today. YAY!) so there wasn't much on my "To Play" list.

 Big, awesome car advertising for new game "Carmageddon Reincarnation" outside Earls Court.


The Square Enix booth.

Selling figures.

 Shiny, shiny Street Fighter figures.

 And pretty Final Fantasy things. Shame I'm not a Final Fantasy fan. Some of their merch is so cool.

 Game Legends. A German company that specilizes in selling games figures and merchendise.

 Pretty things protected by glass.

 More pretty things.

 Mass Effect figures. The Borderlands 2 figures in the background were awesome. The art style really works for these kind of figures. Most of NECA's figures just look terrible.

 They had SO many Companion Cubes. I was super tempted. And that Lara statue in the background. OMG. Although... she's lovely but her face kinda lets her down (and she's wearing red lipstick o.O).

 The floor space in this venue was HUGE and the over 18's section was rediculously big, like half the overall floor space. It was definitely where all the good games were at though.

The new God of War game. Actually pretty good, this may have convinced me to get a PS3.

 Queues of people. Pretty much what I spent half my time doing. ZombiU had a rediculous queue, people must have been waiting for hours. I managed to get a go on the WiiU, I tried out Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U. The Zelda minigame on Nintendo Land was fun but other than that the tablet controller just seemed like a big gimmick and didn't really enhance gameplay in a significant way.

 Dancing Sonic!

 There were giving out free shots of Mountain Dew! Tasty.

 Lighty-uppy green Xbox!

 I should've tried this actually, I do love me some dancing.

 The Just Dance 4 Party Truck! This was actually pretty cool. I got up there and danced too! Shame the game was pretty terrible. T^T  I much prefer Dance Central, at least it detects what the rest of your body is actually doing rather than just the hand holding the Wiimote.

 Serious Sam 3. Fuck yeah!

 The fighting game tournament area. They started throwing out Namco t-shirts and I caught one! EEEEEEEEK! SOOOO HAPPY!

  Cute little Dragon~fire Drones! (I think they're called? o.O)

 Tomb Raider! Still haven't pre-ordered it, I'm actually not looking forward to this game. It doesn't feel like Tomb Raider at all anymore.

 Claptrap! Cute!

 Mario and Peach cosplayers! How sweet!

 Tekken Tag Tournament 2. So impressed with this game, really wasn't expecting that. I'll definitely be buying this now.

 I loved this setup. Shame there was always people walking past it so I couldn't get a good picture.

 Home time now. :<

I scored two free t-shirts! The guy at the Metal Gear Rising booth was super cool and gave me a free shirt and I caught the Namco one when they chucked them out at the fighting game area. Made my day!

And they were both in my size too! Normally when I get free shirts they're always 3 shizes too big. T^T

Back of the Metal Gear shirt.

Level Up Wear! Back before Insert Coin came along, these guys ruled the gaming shirts.

I was wearing my LVLP Wear Street Fighter Ken shirt to the event. I strolled up to their stand to see what they had for sale and they gave me a free keyring just for wearing one of their shirts! How nice of them! Do love LVLP Wear, half my gaming shirts are by them. ^_^

Best part of the day? Met Andy Farrant and Jane Douglas! Eeeeee! They're such nice people and were lovely to chat to. I hope they didn't notice I was totally fangirling on the inside. >.<

I miss SentUAMessage. :<

Had such a good time, definitely the best expo I'd been to all year, I can't wait to go next year! I was actually lucky to get in at all. I didn't manage to get a ticket in advance and was told they'd be selling tickets on the door only to find out that this was not the case and I'd be lucky to even get one by 3pm. LUCKILY one of the staff members was selling extra tickets and I managed to get one. ^_____^

Next year, I will buy WAY in advance and I'll get an early entry ticket too. So many games to play, so little time!

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