Sunday, 21 October 2012

In The Pink - Princess Shirahoshi

And today's colour themed loot post is... Pink!

 An ADORABLE plushie of Pinky, Sonico bum mousepad (don't worry, that's just whipped cream all over her! ;D), Megahouse POP One Piece Princess Shirahoshi and Bandai Chokogin Phantasy Star Online RAcaseal.


 But today, we will be having a look at the beautiful Princess Shirahoshi. Now, I'm not actually a fan of One Piece but it's one I've been meaning to read and although I know nothing of the character, I couldn't say no to such a stunning figure.

 I like the shiny, pink detailing on the box. Really makes it feel just that little bit more special.

Back of the box.

The box is made from a really thick, sturdy cardboard. Much thicker than the cardboard used on nearly all my other figure boxes.

 Almost there!

 Not sure why there's such a large square of plastic jutting out.

 Ah, maybe it's so the plastic packaging is easier to pull apart.

 And finally, she's free!

 Bottom of the base. It was very light and made from a hollow plastic and so, felt quite cheap.

 The base is ok, nothing special. Better than the standard clear disc and I do like that she actually comes with one as larger figures tend not to.

 High five? Looks more like she's demanding payment for something. ;)

 Unfortunately, the paint job on the tail was horrendous and it wasn't just mine that had a bad paint job. It seems as though this affected most of the Shirahoshis. Such a shame as the rest of the figure is very well done.

 I'm not sure what happened here, but it looks like the scales are starting to come off.

 Completely missed part of the tail.

 Luckily, most of the shoddy work is on the bottom of the tail and it's not too noticable from a distance. Overall, the tail is still very beautiful and impressive.

 Tiny Luffy! *squee!*

 Simply gorgeous.

 "What do you seek, little Luffy?"

 I love how various parts of her are translucent so the light shines through them in such a lovely way. I've got her sat next to my window at the moment so she'll look beautiful in the sunshine. (And here's hoping the sun won't cause any fading to her colours D:)

 It looks almost as if she has a halo around her head.

 I love the little fishy hairclip!!

But my most favourite thing about her has to be her face, it's just so pretty.

 And the details on her! Look at those seashell earrings!

 And bunny ear-like hair!! I do love my bunny girls! :D



 I love the detail put into her hair.

 There needs to be more anime girls with long haired ponytails. Ponytails look good on 2D girlies.

 1/8 Scale Shirahoshi next to 1/4 Scale Kanu for size comparison.

When I heard the word "1/8 scale" I figured she'd be tiny and I was so disappointed (as a figure like this should be big like Kanu). But then I realised Shirahoshi is MASSIVE in the manga and a 1/8 scale of her would still be pretty big so yay!

 And here she sits.

(So glad she fits on the window sill, I was so worried she'd be too big and I'd have nowhere else to put her D:)

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