Saturday, 10 November 2012

Character Goods & Halloween at TokyoToys

I'm back, having finally recovered from expo so now I get to relax for another 6 months. Well, actually there's still Xmas so the shop's sure to start getting busy soon! x_x

 At MCM Expo October 2012 in my Haruhi cosplay! ^_^

I didn't really get the chance to go around and buy anything but I did score some free stuff; a Borderlands 2 shirt, Borderlands 2 Top Trumps and a copy of Ninja Gaiden 3! Awesome!

Halloween at TokyoToys

I LOVE having the shop decorated. I was disappointed that we hadn't decorated the shop for Halloween so I went out that morning and bought the only decoration I could find: lots and lots of cobwebby stuff (and giant spiders)!


 Eek, giant spider! D:

Oh no! It's gonna eat me! DDDD:

 Even Coco's dressed up for the occasion!

  The spider's so heavy that it's dragging down the TV! D:

 Cobweb covered Pocky. Yum yum...

By this point, the cobwebs had started to come off so they look pretty rubbish, but it looked fantastic when I first put it up!

 I love the gel clingy things that are stuck to the window. And no Halloween is complete without a big, ol' pumpkin!

 I loved these little, paper lantern things!

 A pumpkin one!

 And an adorable, little bat!

Staff shot! Me with TokyoToys Manager, Hideki and staff Ga-yen and Henry. And my costume for the day was my awesome, new Pikachu kigurumi! I seriously love it so much, it's super warm and comfy!

 So, I've been given the task of building this bad boy right here and bringing him back to the shop to put on display. Best homework assignment ever? I think so!

 So cool! And he's 1/60 scale too so he's nice and big. Shame he's no Master or Perfect Grade but I guess it's best to start off on the easier ones first. Maybe one day I'll get to build an MG. ^_^
 The Fate/Stay Night anime series. I've seen the series before and loved it so much I went out and bought the DVD.

 A nice, thick case to house all the discs.

 6 discs in total to hold all 26 episodes. I can't wait to do my Rin cosplay! Just waiting on the shoes to be delivered from Japan. I hope they get here in time! >_<

 Sonico goodies! Two little A6 notebooks (I actually thought they'd be bigger, I didn't really pay attention to what A6 was when I was ordering them. Oops) and a glorious poster calendar.

 And Resident Evil goodies! I was actually disappointed with these, they looked WAY better in the promo pictures and they're tiny. The spirals are twisted wrong too, so rather than gloing in opposite directions they're parallel to each other. If that makes sense. So, I bought the blue one as a necklace and the green one as a keyring.

 Capcom copyright on the top.

 Umbrella logo on the bottom. I actually like this feature.

 Close up.

 The chain.

 The green one up close.

 Capcom copright.

 Umbrella logo.

 But worst of all was the excessive packaging. I mean just look at the box they used for one keyring! I'm greatful they made sure it would get to me in one piece but they should've just wrapped it in bubble wrap and stuck it in a small bag.

 This one's slightly better. But still, a massive envelope for such a small necklace. The reason they came in separate packages was because I'd ordered both from Hobby Search but they'd sold out of the necklace so just shipped the keyring and so, I ordered the necklace from AmiAmi.

 And, my Sonico goodies.

 And here's poster hanging on my door. It's got a really nice quality print and it's really glossy.

 So pretty. ^_^

Well, that's all for today! I've just got myself a few pairs of circle lens to try out tomorrow so let's hope it all goes well and I end up looking super kawaii desu~ ^w^

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