Sunday, 25 November 2012

Hyper Japan Christmas 2012

I attended Hyper Japan Christmas 2012 this weekend. I'm not quite sure why they called it "Christmas" other than the fact it was held the month before Christmas as it wasn't really themed or anything. Apparantly there was a One Piece Christmas Tree, but I didn't see it.

I decided to cosplay as Tohsaka Rin from visual novel Fate/Stay Night. This is probably the only decent image I have with my hair curled. They'd fallen out by the time I got to the venue due to the wind and rain. T^T

 A better picture of my top. The sun shining on it made the cross glow. o.O
I used acrylic paint for the cross. Unfortunately, I didn't pin my template down well enough when I was painting it as it kinda went underneath the template and smudged around it. So that's why there's a faint "glow" around the cross from where I (stayed up 'til 3am the night before and) tried to wash it off. x_x

 Zettai Ryouiki
A shot of the full(ish) outfit. I need a full length mirror... or photographer friends. x_x

 Saber and Gilgamesh :DD

I went with my friend Jess, dressed in her adorable Negima cosplay! ^_^

 And no convention blog post would be complete without a loot post!
My most exciting purchase of the day would have to be the Highschool of the Dead Full Colour Edition. It's AMAZING.

Also bought some Japanese region Pocky; Strawberry (my favourite!), Almond (which sucked) and Chocolate (pretty good - not pictured), Ramune (also tried Peach flavoured Ramune. It was pretty nice. Nothing can beat the original flavour though ^_^) and weird flavoured mini KitKats!

Beautifully bound in a massive 704 pages, the dustcover features an illustraion of Rei on the front and Saeko on the back. The handprints have a nice glossy-ish texture to them to look like fresh blood. ^_^

 The book is filled illustrations, info and lots of little facts about the characters and weapons they use.

 And fanservice. Lots of fanservice.

The manga looks fantastic in colour. I wish all manga came in colour. It's much more appealing to look at and read.

 Illustrations and character info.

 MASSIVE. If you drop it, it could break your foot.

 The hardback cover on the inside of the dust cover is the same as the front just without the giant handprint. A lovely touch.

And the inside of the dust cover can be used a poster!

 A great size too. It's the same size as a standard comic book, the perfect size for reading.
 Apple, Wasabi, Shortcake and Sakura & Green Tea flavour! Can't wait to try them! Cute sticker too! ^_^

 More adorable phone charms and keyrings! I love adorable phone charms! :3

 Ramen bowls! The bowls I currently had were too small or weirdly shaped. These'll be perfect!

 And I bought an Xmas present for the friend I attended with. Got it gift wrapped in cute Japanese style wrapping paper too!

 You can almost see what it is. One of those adorable, little waving Lucky Cats! Squeeeee!

And that's it for today! Next week, I'll be attending The Gadget Show. Should be fun! >_^


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  2. great cosplay! wonderful choice, and on top of it, you look really cute ;)
    btw, I have that same hardcover Highschool of the Dead. It really is an amazing piece to have in a manga collection. I thought the same thing as you, I really wish you could find all or most manga in full-color like this. It is just so beautiful (if bloody people/things can be beautiful. I know the fanservice sure is :P) and captivating to look at.
    btw, do you live in Japan or were you just visiting at the time?