Sunday, 18 November 2012

It's Almost Christmas :D

So it's Christmas soon, and I've been given the task of decorating the shop! Yay!

An adorable, mini Xmas tree. 

Coco dressed up in a Santa outfit! I went down to the Build-a-Bear workshop in Hamley's and they had the most adorable outfits for plushies! So happy I managed to find a cute, little Santa outfit! Really good quality too.

And on top of the tree! Poor Coco! We decided that instead of having a star, we'd have a Coco instead. ^_^

Instead of conventional decorations, how about we hang plushies from the ceiling instead? We will put some snowflakes and baubles up too, but this was a cute idea.

 Emoticon mochi balls and hanging bananas. Fun stuff.

 Haha, I love these pens. Great for punching people in the face with. >_<

 My co-worker bought me a cookie on a stick shaped like a Christmas pudding! How adorable!! Tasted great too. ^w^

And the lights! My favourite part. I love walking down the streets when they're all lit up.

And onto this week's loot!

 My 3rd Holy Grail! I've been after this Yoko for AGES. She's 1/5 scale, so quite big and she just looks ADORABLE!

 Haven't opened her fully yet, waiting to clear some space for her. Isn't she cute?!

 My awesome new t-shirts from work. Pikachu and Totoro faces on a shirt!! I am going to wear that Pikachu shirt to death. I want to get multiples of it and turn it into dresses and stuff D:


And that's all for today. Hopefully by next week the store will look even more shiny and Christmassy. And Hyper Japan! Eeeek! Excited!

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