Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Snow Miku 2012 Fluffy Coat Ver. Nendoroid

Since it's almost Christmas, I figure I'll get in the spirit by posting up some loot I got a little while back but haven't had time to mention.

And that is the adorable Snow Miku Fluffy Coat Ver. Nendoroid!

In her lovely, shiny box and I also got a Tohsaka Rin petit too!

Just look at that face! :D

I LOVE the shiny effect on the box. See the rainbow flakes? It glimmers when you move it.

Fresh out of the box! Mmmm, new figure smell...

And the bases. You get the standard Nendo base and a beautiful, big stage base.

And a Miku ice sculpture! Miku's so talented.


She comes with a number of accessories including a microphone.

And a shovel (for digging snow and making snowmen!)

The base! I've noticed it's a lot clearer than the standard Nendo base, almost like they've tried to make it clear like ice.

Standard, frosted Nendo base on the left and new Snow Miku base on the right.

And the big stage base! It's sort of fuzzy and has all these little sparkly bits on it to make it shimmer and shine.

It also has LED lights underneath! So many ways to display her!

The snowflakes are actually holes that the figure stand poles attach into.

And here's how I've got her displayed. So cute!

The old Miku looks so ugly in comparison to the current Miku face.

And little Rin! Again, her face looks so ugly in comparison to the newer, Maid Rin I have.

And whilst writing this post, two new Miku Nendoroids have been announced!

Miku ver 2.0!
She's an improved version of the original Miku Nendo and I think she's FAR cuter! I'm still not too fond of the top row of teeth showing but she doesn't have the same "chipmunk" look the old Miku has. And I love the new shiny effect her clothing has!

Snow Miku 2013!
She's absolutely stunning. Her face is adorable and the wispy bits of hair are a very nice touch. I love for once that her twin tails have been transformed into two little buns on either side of her head too. ^_^


  1. Miku looks so damn cute, specially the snow Miku 2013 ^_^

    1. I know! I can't wait to get the 2013 version! Have you seen the base and little snow bunny mochi she comes with? SO adorable!!

    2. i hadn't seen the base for it, it just makes me want it even more ^_^ and the lil mochi so cute!