Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Presents, Sweeties, Saber & Sonico

Ah! It's been a while!

I've recently taken up ice skating and rollerblading, so I've been super busy practising and trying to get better!!

I don't have too much to share for the time being. I'm currently waiting for an additional shelf to be put up so I haven't received much in terms of figure loots lately, BUT I am waiting to receive a bunch of packages from Japan!! Eeee!

So Christmas has been and gone and I received a few, super awesome presents!

 OMG. A Tetris light!
My boss got me this. It's so cool, you can switch around the parts and make it look however you want to. Although, you can't form a perfect rectangle. 

 Eeeeeeeeeeee. Pretty colours!

One of the blocks unwrapped. They're really pretty. The silver edging is shiny and has a metal look to it.
No pictures of it lit up just yet, I need to find a place to put it first. >_<

 My boss loves buying funky, gadget-y presents. This is what he got me last year. A Pac-man coin bank (along with a cube shaped, Tetris mug!).
And the year before that he got me a Lego man w/ torch keyring. Lololol. It's still on my keys to this day. :3

 This is what I got my BFF. I hope he likes them! :D
I actually really want a set for myself. They're so cool!
I also got him a Hunger Games badge and a couple boxes of Lemonheads.

And this is what he got me!! Eeeeeek! Sonico!!
And my all time favourite sweets; Giant Parma Violets!! (There were an extra 2 packets but I om-nom-nommed them all).
I recently bought a perfume that smells like Parma Violets just so I could pretend I was a giant sweet all day. :333

Oh! And my brothers got me Tekken Tag Tournament 2! It's a great game! My old favourites Jun Kazama and Michelle Chang are back (and great to play as) and I'm so happy Lee is a prominent character in the storyline. ^w^

 And just received yesterday; Saber Maid Ver. R!!

 Ooooh, the inside of the box is all gold and shiny.

 I love the shiny, checkerboard base; although I find it a bit too big for my shelf.

It's hard to tell due to the poor lighting, but her outfit and stockings have a beautiful sheen to them.

They're so cute and frilly looking. I love them. ^___^

 Her eyes are so big and beautiful and I love her hair.

 And no maid figure is complete without her mop!

I'm not too fond of the angle she stands at (and I can't turn her as her base is too big and an odd square-ish shape) but she does look lovely. And 1/6 scale! I LOVE 1/6 scale figures!

My 1/6 & 1/7 scale shelf is shaping up nicely. Just a few more additions and it'll be complete (until some more figures I want are released D:)

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