Monday, 11 February 2013

SoniComi Limited Edition

I recently used a proxy for the first time ever to buy some Sonico goodies off of the Nitroplus store. I used MioBoutiqueTokyo. Their service was great and shipping was fast. I'll be using them again. :3

And here we have the SoniComi Limited Edition.

 And here's all the goodies laid out. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

The front of the box.

The back of the box.

The front picture is a removable post card!
I actually squee'd when I realised this. Her winking face is too cute!

Removing the lid we find...

A photo album for you and Sonico! Haha!

There's even a place to put your own picture!

A cute picture of the cute waifu.

Back of the photo album.

A special card from the Dominion trading card game (signed by Sonico!!)

Back of the card.

Lots of little illustrations of Sonico.

Front of the playing manual.
I love this image, totally psyched Orchid Seed are making a figure of this illustration!

Inside the playing manual.

Advertisements for Sonico related websites.
(And a parody illustration of Sonico dressed as the Miku PV Romeo & Cinderella!)

Advertisements for more Sonico goodies.

Yay for Sonico music!

Nitroplus goodies catalogue.


The game CD.

Very plain. It only says "SoniComi" around the outside edge.

A CD by Galaxy One! (Sonico's band)

Back of the CD.

A closer look at some of the tracks.

A photobook! (Signed again by the lovely lady herself ^_^)

Inside are some tidbits about Sonico, the game and some lovely illustrations.



And lastly, this adorable little guitar pick!

If only I could play guitar...

And that's the SoniComi Limited Edition! I was actually so surprised at how big the whole thing was! I was expecting it to be the same kinda height as a regular DVD case! Hopefully, playing through this game will help me with improving my Japanese reading and listening skills. :3

I also picked up this lovely Sonico wallscroll. It's huge!!

I haven't hung it up yet, but it looks like this:

I've also finally been lured over to the darkside of wanting to own a Dollfie. I've resisted for so long but I've found one that's so adorable I just NEED to own her.

Aoko Aozaki - Witch of the Holy Night

I'm just gutted I wasn't interested in her when she was available to buy new as she's now doubled in price on the after market. T^T

No worries though, I've started saving up for her and should have enough to buy her in June. Can't wait to own my first Dollfie!!

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  1. WOwヽ(*'0'*)ツ!! su,sugoi!!
    Sonico looks so cute in the photo book,
    Guitar pick is so adorable!