Sunday, 14 April 2013

Kotobukiya Marvel Bishoujo Mystique & Elektra

Today, I'll be showing off two figures I recently bought at the last few conventions I attended. Kotobukiya's Marvel Bishoujo Elektra & Mystique.

The figures are based off the artwork (shown on the front) drawn by the talented Shunya Yamashita. His artwork is very pin-up esque and always so beautiful. 

The back of the boxes. The bottom left corner teases the next release in the series.

 The side of the box showcases the beautiful illustration that the figure is based off.
 Opening the package. All snug and secure inside. They used this clingy plastic wrap to protect the figure which proved difficult to get off at first.

 The inside of the box is a pretty starburst pattern in a colour to match the figure.

A leaflet included with the figure to show how the sais fit in her hands.

 Pretty. I love the metallic red they've used for her outfit.

Her hair has a semi-transparent effect to it, which is very cool. She will look great in front of a window as the light will shine through it and illuminate it (if we ever start to get some sunshine in this country T^T)

 Her base is tilted downwards so she leans forward a bit which is why she's at a slightly weird angle.

 Everything about her is dynamic; the way her costume and hair blow in the wind and her ready to fight stance really make her appear as if she's just jumped from a page in the comic book.

She has a pretty face; big blue eyes and sultry lips.

 A molding of Daredevil's face. Slightly odd but ok.


Her base is molded after a Japanese style rooftop. I love figures with interesting bases, so many have the standard, boring, clear circle disc.

I love the way her (ribbons? I'm not entirely certain what they are) squeeze around her thighs as opposed to just sitting on top of them. This makes her body look and feel much more lifelike.

 The sculpt of her costume seems to differ slightly from the illustration, with her top and skirt sitting lower on her body in comparison to Shunya's original vision of it being higher up (and consequently, exposing more flesh).

 In my opinion, this is her best angle. She looks fantastic from behind, everything looks far more dynamic and her body shape looks beautiful. I was even considering displaying her facing this way instead. Shame I have nowhere to put her that allows views from both the front and back angles.

 A view from behind.

 To the side.

 And in front again.

Elektra; Super (Sexy) Ninja.

And next we have the alluring Mystique.

The same starburst pattern on the inside of the box, but this time in blue.

I put off buying Mystique for a while due to the odd angle she sits at. Most of the figures I had seen in the past had her staring straight at the ground or her eyes just looked ugly. But this one... she just seemed different. Better. Closer to the prototype I had originally fallen in love with.

 Her best angle. This is the angle the figure was designed to be viewed from (with the way her eyes are looking, anyway), looking down upon the viewer like some kind of sadistic dominitrix (which works for her character really).

 One thing that really annoyed me about this figure was that they changed the eye colour from the prototype. The prototype (shown below) had dark green eyes with a lighter green/yellow outside, but for the final product, they reversed this which, in my opinion, doesn't look as good as it now makes her look more scary/startled at opposed to the sexy and alluring they were originally going for.

The prototype.

The skull belt is adjustable and just sits atop her hips.

 Moving the skull belt up we find that it is designed to hide the joint between her skirt and her torso.

 One of my favourite shots for kneeling figures.

 I love her boots, they're really well painted and have a lovely, slightly shimmery effect that looks better viewed in real life.

She too looks great from behind.

 A close up shot of her torso. I've never been overly fond of Kotobukiya's figures as (even though, as cheap as they are) they do have a fair few quality control issues such as paint smudges, seam lines, etc.

 I love the casual yet sexy flipping of the hair.

 Her face looks so beautiful from some angles, such as this one.

 Seam lines on her side.

 Her hair also has the lovely, semi-transparent effect. It seems most of the newer Kotobukiya Bishoujo figures have this.

The gun she holds. Very nicely detailed and painted.

 And this is where they now sit. I've elevated Mystique to give her a better angle as, ideally, she should really be placed on a high shelf to look down at the viewer, but I don't have the space so this will do for now until I get a clear plastic riser for her.

And that's all for this week. I've got a few more bits and pieces on the way (due to most of my orders coming in at once T^T) including Fate/Stay Night, Dead or Alive and Resident Evil goodies! Stay tuned! :D

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