Thursday, 4 April 2013

MCM Birmingham and Hitomi Cosplay

Two weeks ago I attended MCM Birmingham. Held in the NEC, a big exhibition centre which I have previously visited to see the Gadget Show Live, MCM Brum, coupled with Memorabilia in the same hall, consisted mainly of various stalls selling anime, comic book and sci-fi goods.

In my last minute Dead or Alive 5 Hitomi cosplay. I was up the night before painting the purple lines onto the vest >_<

The TokyoToys stand! Packed out to the brim! I spy a Konata cosplayer! :D

Lots of keyrings!

Adorable plushies :3

Snacks and Gundams!
(I finally finished building my 1/60 Exia. I must post a picture soon >_<)


Even Pikachu onesies!

A wild Felicia makes a run for it, followed by a Mileena and I'm not sure what the other one was cosplaying.

Trading Cards. Trading cards everywhere.

Eeeee. It's like I'm going through the gate.

One of Forbidden Planet's stalls; filled with Star Wars and other sci-fi goodies.


Random anime goods.

Oldskool toyz and shizz.

BB Guns.

They had cool mannequins at either end.


Darth Vader and his entourage. Unfortunately, they were busy so I didn't get a good enough picture :<

Weird flavoured Kit-Kats!

And fuzzy Llamas!

But that's not the thing that caught my attention. :p
Bodypillow covers!

Cool badges! I completely forgot to come back to that stand and buy the "I (heart) Shimapan" button. >_<

A Japanese company; I'm not sure what their name was. But they had the Biohazard 6 Art Book. Here's hoping it gets released in English. :3


I liked this one the most.

Laughing Man shirts in every grey/black/blue colour variation possible.


Tasty, tasty American sweets.

Eeek! So cute! Peas of a pod!

Get you picture taken with the Mos Eisley Cantina!

Remote controlled R2-D2s!

The DeLorean. Mandatory at every MCM.

Real Life Crysis guy. D:
Well, it was just a statue. :p


Some guy having a tattoo done. o.O

Sci-Fi figures.



And a replica Portal gun! I've pre-ordered a Half Life 2 Gravity Gun and I seriously cannot wait for it to arrive.

And then we took a trip to Toy 'R' Us and had a look a more Legos.

And Warcraft Megabloks! OMG

Overall, MCM Birmingham was an OK experience. Very, very small in comparison to MCM London but that's to be expected really. It felt like most of it was taken up by Memorabilia and I was expecting at least a few more games companies to be there.

Bring on MCM London May 2013!


  1. Buenas, enhorabuena por el blog, me gustarĂ­a intercambiar enlaces contigo y que nos sigamos mutuamente.
    Un enorme saludo desde

  2. Some pretty awesome stuff there, could deffinetly find a place in my room for that Miku wallscroll, no pervy thoughts i swear ^_^
    Made me get pretty excited for London MCM now the next 7 weeks can't go quick enough.
    You looked awesome cosplaying as Hitomi aswell :)

  3. Thank you so much! Yes, that Miku wallscroll is adorable, haha, I want it so much. :p

    Yes, I'm looking forward to MCM London, will be working at the TokyoToys booth as usual, gonna be fun (and lots of hard work!).

  4. This blog would get more views if there were more pictures of me