Thursday, 20 March 2014

Culture Japan Night London 2014

Long time no see! Work has been so busy these past few months that I had stopped posting on here to focus on my job. I'm currently taking a break from TokyoToys to focus on other projects and co-found a new business. I've also taken up sewing and hope to start creating my own clothing and cosplay outfits soon! I'll also be able to focus on other hobbies and interests I've neglected due to lack of time such as studying other languages (starting off with French, German and Japan. I hope to add Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese later down the line ^_^), clearing my backlog of games, sketching, graphic design and 3D modelling. I used to teach myself a lot of these things when I was younger, back before studies piled up. So that's my focus for now. Ganbatte!

So today, I wanted to talk about an event I had attended recently in London; Culture Japan Night, an event best known for being hosted by Danny Choo for like minded fans to meet and hear of Danny's latest ventures, had finally returned to the UK on Wednesday 5th March 2014.