About Me

Well, let's see. I'm a video games addict. Can't live without them. My favourite series include; Resident Evil, Tomb Raider and Street Fighter.

Lara Croft is my inspiration and hero.

I like to watch anime; my favourite series so far has been Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It's so awesome. 

I like to read comics. I'm a big Marvel fan, Deadpool especially. But, mainly I read video game comics. The Street Fighter Udon comic series has to be the best thing I've ever read and made me fall completely in love with the Street Fighter series. I also love Top Cow comics (Tomb Raider and Witchblade especially).

My favourite male video game character will always be the lovely, Leon S. Kennedy.

I like collecting merchandise from my favourite games. I have a pretty large Resident Evil collection; consisting of variations of the games, posters, actions figures, controllers; the like. 

I really love cosplay. I plan to start making outfits for myself in the very near future. 

And of course, I absolutely ADORE figures. I've recently built up a decent sized collection and it's still growing!

Oh! And I work for TokyoToys, an awesome company that sells manga and anime related goods. Visit our website at http://tokyotoys.com or if you're ever in London, drop by our store in Piccadilly Circus! Be sure to ask for Jade and I'll give you a high-five! ^w^

I try to update this blog about once a week; usually on a Sunday. Stay tuned, yo! ;D

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